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Regis Technologies Inc.


Regis Technologies is a leading manufacturer of chromatography products, especially those with a chiral emphasis. Regis offer our proprietary Chiral Stationary Phases and HPLC columns as well as IAM Drug Discovery Columns, RAM Direct Injection Columns, Ion Pairing Reagents and Buffers, and GC Derivatization Reagents. Regis Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in HPLC and SFC chiral separations. Regis are proud to be a trusted supplier of high-quality chromatography products and unique chiral stationary phases.

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Regis Launch AZYP’s chiral phase chemistries offer a wide range of selectivities for your most challenging chiral separations. All phases are bonded to 2.7μm superficially porous particles for faster, highly efficient separations.

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