Vision to play a important role in the field of Chromatography, from service to manufacturing chromatography, Cube County and its associated group companies are associated with Pioneers and World leaders of Chromatography equipment and consumables.

Cube County offers specialized service and consultancy in very niche and unique technologies, which our associates and team members have earned knowledge and hands on experience during their career, facing real life process challenges, audits, method optimization and improvisation to make the molecule more cost effective. Cube County put all that together and bring in for you, the most trustworthy support for your precious molecule.

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  • Chiral Column - Column & Bulk.

  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography 

  • Pilot Scale HPLC, MPLC, LPLC

  • Plant Scale Chromatography System

  • Dynamic Axial Compression Column.


  • Method Optimization.

  • Scale up and Technology Transfer.

  • Peptide manufacturing facility design.

  • Process Optimization.



  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography.

  • Plant Scale Chromatography.

  • Dynamic Scale Chromatography.

Contract Purification

The demand for pure molecule is increasing and will grow further. Cube County accept the contract for 

chromatography purification from gram to kilogram scale, using Prep HPLC and Prep SFC.

Peptide Plant Turn Key


Peptide plant with GMP, FDA, International FDA's facility remain challenge project today. Cube County accept turn key project from design to implementation, procurement to commissioning. 

  • Design Review.

  • Layout Review.

  • Implementation.


If you are pioneer in your field, if you are a knowledge bank, and certified professional, you can reach us for professional collaboration.

  • Design.

  • Software.

  • Marketing

  • Funding

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