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Chiral Chromatography

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Chirality has become vitally important in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural industries.

The differences that make compounds chiral can produce critically different pharmacological effects in biological systems. As a result, demand for stereoselective separation techniques and analytical assays to evaluate the enantiomeric purity of chiral compounds has increased.

Regis Technologies is proud to be a leader in chiral separations that serves both the analytical and preparative needs of chromatographers and researchers worldwide.

Chiral chromatography has become a necessary tool—not only for the analytical determination of enantiomeric purity, but also for the isolation of pure enantiomers.

Immobilized and Coated CSP

Regis manufactures a complete line of Immobilized, Coated and Pirkle Chiral Stationary Phases and columns at its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Columns range from analytical to preparative in size. All products meet rigorous manufacturing and quality control specifications before release. The column can be used for both normal as well as reverse phase applications.

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