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Chromatography Purification

Reach us only if you are stuck. If you need to purify any challenging crude, unstable sample, unstable fraction, close eluting impurities, we can get it done for you, supported by NMR, LCMS data.

Process Scale Up

Reach us, if you need assistance to scale up your Lab or Pilot scale HPLC/LPLC process to plant scale on Production HPLC System. We have team of expert who can help you transfer the chromatography process from Lab to Plant.

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Software &

Automate your manual process for smooth workflow along with online screening, improve productivity target zero error with compliance. With 300+ years of cumulative experience in Biotechnology, Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry, this make it easy for us to understand your process as well as your needs. With our technical expert backed with software and design team at CadEleven & InertSeven we become the most reliable and suitable associate for your project. We not only Automate, but add value commercially too.

Peptide &

The success of these molecule is very much dependent on process and precise scale up. We bridge the gap between Research and Execution, Regulatory requirements, Peptide facility design, FDA compliance etc. We believe that the role of Scientist is Discovery, that need knowledge. Scaling up from Lab scale to Pilot and Plant is job of scale up experts, especially when it involve the niche technology such as Chromatography. Collaborate with us for successful scale up of process from Lab to Plant, with added passive advantages.


As we see newer high value molecule are coming in and its purity is gaining importance, we see that the application for gram to kilogram scale chromatography purification is increasing, be it reverse phase and chiral, HPLC and SFC. You definitely have many options, but if the project is challenging, like unstable crude, unstable fraction, fraction stable only at low temperatures and many more, do consider us. We have experts who are keen to work only on challenging project and assure to complete the same with complete satisfaction in terms of purity and yield.

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